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Crowdfunding, and its Benefits & Effects


Ever since the idea became known to public its popularity has increased 10 fold. Crowdfunding is possibly the most simple and risk-free technique to raise money for your startup project.

In an apparently constant subsidence wave, little organizations are battling like never before to stay above water, and business visionaries are not confronting incredible chances. Crowdfunding offers these people a chance at accomplishment, by showcasing their organizations and ventures to the whole world. The reason why it has been gained popularity and connected with the masses so well can be accounted to the following:

• Freely available to all
• People like your idea and believe it can succeed
• People benefit from it

US securities laws successfully banned crowdfunding preceding the JOBS Act due to the broad enrollment and revelation prerequisites forced on gatherings seeking to raise capital from the general population. Securities dealwith specific sorts of licensed financial specialists are absolved from these enrollment necessities on the grounds that such authorized speculators show the advancement to assess the peril of these ventures. Crowdfunding contrasts from customary private situation exchanges since it includes little speculations from less modern speculators and deals through online stages.

There are so many websites like Indiego go, Crowd funder, kick starter and Rocket hub where you can demonstrate your idea/project/product and can ask for the capital you need to bring it to life. You can create a short introduction video and add a profile to let the people know what’s on your mind. You can also enlist the rewards that people will get once they decide to invest in your review here!

The benefits

To best explain the benefits, let’s talk about a real life example. Villy Custom Bicycles, a simple ideato make bicycles that glow in the dark.Villy is alreadya successful company. It reached its goal to collect $10,000 in just two weeks and the company started receiving orders before even the production was in place.

These platforms are not just creating opportunities to lift an economy but they are also providing the necessary resources to boost the confidence in people with extraordinary ideas to bring them to life and inspire others in doing so.

The effects

Despite its popularity there are a number of risks that are involved with an online platform for raising money. It can be an operational problem with the website or the website may fall prey to a hacker’s attack, posing a threat of the loss of valuable information, online theft etc.see post at


Another possible effect can be that due to the advent of so many platforms, we may witness an increase in the number of novice investors who can easily be fooled by fraudulent companies or ideas. They might fall prey to a smaller reward in the near future which leads them to major distant losses.

Despite all the assumptions, apprehensions and speculations what really is the future of crowdfunding no one knows. We will just have to wait and watch.

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