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10 Simple Ways to Increase Odds to Crowdfunding Success


Crowdfunding has become one of the biggest methods for businesses and start-ups to try and raise some much needed cash. However while you can find quick success it isn’t always plain sailing. The competition is fierce and if you aren’t prepared to do the hard work you might end up seeing red. The following are ten simple ways for you to potentially increase your crowdfunding success.

Set Out Achievable Goals

You may want to raise over ten thousand dollars within the space of one month but that certainly isn’t going to be easy. Instead of having that final goal you may want to try breaking it down into smaller but achievable goals. Reducing the task in hand will make it much easier to reach your goal and essentially that is what you want. You might not see it as a good thing but it can be. Investment crowdfunding can be good if you use it to your advantage.

Adding Exciting Video Messages

If you want investors to come in and take you seriously you have to give them a reason to hand over perfectly good money. You cannot expect someone to look at a crowdfunding advertisement and say ‘that is the one I’ll support’ unless they have a good reason to. If you are able to create small but simple videos you can convey a positive message about what you hope to achieve. This will make investors more likely to contribute.

Have a Creative Pitch

Your crowdfunding pitch says so much about you personally and if you don’t put in your heart and soul, people won’t think you’re genuine. Also, investors want to see something creative and not just in what they’re investing money in, they want to see a good and creative pitch. The pitch you set out could in fact make all the difference. More creativity is what you need to succeed and if you add more personality to it, your ideas will look more tempting.

Have a Clear Message

You have an idea but if you don’t have any clue over where this is heading then it can cause you a lot of trouble. Not having a clear message can harm your investment crowdfunding success. You absolutely need to ensure your crowdfunding message is clear and precise. This will help to bring in the investors.

Add As Much Detail as Possible

People want to know everything there is to know before parting with their cash. If they don’t see the information or it isn’t clear enough then they are less likely to contribute. When it comes to crowdfunding you absolutely have to ensure you include everything. This will help to ensure your idea is clear enough for the people who are interested.

Communicate With Past Contributors

Giving regular updates to those who have already contributed could be an amazing thing. This will show you in a positive light and may help to spread the word. Investors who get an occasion email of thanks or to update them on what their contributions have helped accomplish can be powerful. Crowdfunding can be highly successful but only when you work at it.

Offer an Incentive

People are more likely to contribute to a crowdfunding campaign if they get something in return. A free incentive can be a good way to break the ice and attract the investors. However the incentive doesn’t need to be something overly expensive. It can help to bring in more people on a daily basis.

Set Up a Good Marketing Campaign

You have to market your ideas in order to get the word out. While investment crowdfunding websites receive millions of visitors, many projects are hidden away because of other well-established projects. This means you have to work harder and get the word out through any means possible.

Update Your Crowdfunding Advertisement Regularly

If you are running a long-term crowdfunding campaign then you probably will keep the same ad but this can be a bad idea. You have the same content and if it didn’t bring in the investors two months ago, it certainly won’t bring them in now which means you have to adapt and alter them. You need to constantly update your ads so that new information is added and the idea becomes more appealing also.

Be Pushy but Don’t Bother People

Now, investment crowdfunding is something thousands are interested in and some investors may be happy to invest at a later date. As you are nearing your goal you could ask past investors to help once again. However while you can be a little bold you shouldn’t become a nuisance and bother people when they clearly aren’t interested anymore.

Success Is Possible

It can be a gamble when it comes to crowdfunding because while some will see a lot of success, others will not. However, if you are willing to work for the success it can be something you reach. Crowdfunding is a hard sell and if you are good at getting the word out you may be able to increase your chances of success.

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