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Team Building Ideas for Any Type of Office or Group

Team Building Ideas

Even as adults, it can be hard to foster a sense of connection and community in large groups of people. Everyone is so preoccupied and distracted by their own life and goals that we often overlook the opportunities we have to make new friends, or at least enjoy a common moment with another human being. Most of us spend the majority of our lives at the work place, so it would make sense that this is where a lot of our connections are formed. However, many of us do not take advantage of this and stick to ourselves, making no effort to be friendly. If you want to change this, the best way to get over the awkwardness of small talk is to organize a team building or ice breaker event or activity. These sorts of forced interactions can seem uncomfortable at first but your colleagues will thank you in the end. If you are having trouble thinking of ideas for an office team building activity, we have you covered.

A Night at the Stadium

One of the best ways to get a group of people together is to get them excited. What is more exciting than rooting for your home team. Organizing a company game night where everyone attends a major league sporting event can be a really fun way to get everyone to relax and spend some quality time together. Make it extra fun by ordering shirts from Fanatics in advance for everyone to wear to the game. This way you can also keep everyone together and tell who is a part of the group when you are in a big crowd. You could really go all the way and host a get together at a local bar or restaurant either before or after the game depending if it is a day or night game. Whatever you do, make sure there are not any fights between competing allegiances.

Escape the Room Challenges

I once participated in one of these activities at my previous job and it definitely made for an interesting evening where you were required to work together. There are usually a variety of types of challenges you can do and the groups range in sizes, so you may need to split your office up into small groups. Each challenge or game has a different theme like 007 or murder mystery. I think the one that we did was set up like an office and there was a secret room. At the start of each challenge, you are locked in a room and told a story that will help you discover more clues that are hidden throughout the space you are trapped in. Depending on the size of you group and the challenge you have chosen, you receive a certain amount of time on the clock to complete it. Usually you have somewhere around one hour or one and a half hours. If you do not accomplish this, you are locked in the room forever. Just kidding, you can request to be let out of the room at any point, there is an emergency key on the inside, and you are released at the end either way.

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